Toothbrush Tips

Is your toothbrush working for you? Nashua, NH, family dentists Dr. Tara Levesque-Vogel and Dr. Keith Levesque encourage patients to practice diligent preventive dental hygiene to keep your smile bright and healthy. Brushing and flossing twice daily with the proper tools are essential for maintaining your best oral health.

Tooth brushes in glass

A quality toothbrush used with the proper brushing technique is vital to keeping your gums and teeth healthy. Our highly trained and compassionate dental care team can help teach you and your children how to most effectively brush and floss.

Tips for a Healthy Toothbrush

  • Soft Bristled Brush
    Drs. Levesque-Vogel and Dr. Levesque suggest using a soft or extra soft-bristled toothbrush for effective brushing. Hard-bristle brushes do not brush better. Hard bristles do not bend to reach into the crevices between your teeth and may leave plaque behind. This plaque can lead to the development of tooth decay when left untreated. Hard bristles can also irritate your gums or make them bleed.
  • Replace Your Toothbrush Regularly
    The American Dental Association shows that more than 40 percent of Americans do not know when to replace their toothbrush. It is recommended to replace your toothbrush every 3- 4 months. As you use your toothbrush, the bristles begin to wear and become less effective at thoroughly cleaning your teeth and gums.
  • Shape and Size Matter
    It is important for your toothbrush to fit comfortably in your mouth. You can test to see if a toothbrush is the right size for your mouth by checking to see if it reaches completely around your furthest back molar. People with narrow jaws may want to try a tapered brush for a better fit. Try a few different sizes and shapes until you find a brush that feels right.

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