Dental Anxiety Nashua, NH

It’s estimated that as many as 15% of Americans avoid the dentist because of dental anxiety, fear, and embarrassment. Do any of these describe you?

  • Avoider: We see patients who haven’t been to the dentist in five, ten or even twenty years.
  • Embarrassed: Many of our patients cover their mouth when they laugh or don’t show their teeth when they smile.
  • Ashamed: Patients tell us that other dentists have lectured them about their teeth or gums and were told they “needed dentistry” which caused them to feel ashamed, so they stopped going to the dentist.
  • Too Busy: Some patients say they’re simply too busy to coordinate multiple visits for complex procedures.

Sedation Dentistry Solutions

Our Nashua dental office welcomes you if you have been anxious about visiting the dentist or feel embarrassed about the condition of your smile. Dr. Levesque and our dental care team provide compassionate, judgment-free dental care in a warm and welcoming environment. Our dentists will take time to listen and get to know you to fully understand what you want to achieve with your smile. We place the safety and comfort of our patients at the highest priority and are want to help you achieve a smile that is healthy and comfortable.

Levesque Dentistry offers sedation dentistry in Nashua NH for patients with dental anxiety and fear of the dentist. Sedation dentistry is also an excellent solution for patients who have extreme anxiety, sore joints, a sensitive gag reflex, and difficulty getting numb. Using conscious sedation methods, we can enable you to feel relaxed and pain-free during your dental treatment while still alert and responsive.

  • Oral conscious sedation: our dentists can prescribe a sedative to be taken at home prior to your treatment. You will need to arrange for an escort to and from our office.
  • Nitrous Oxide: laughing gas is administered using a tiny cannula placed beneath your nose. The natural inhalation during breathing will allow you to feel completely stress-free. Nitrous Oxide takes effect almost immediately and wears off quickly. We do recommend an escort for your safety.

Sedation dentistry can often enable our dental care team to provide multiple treatments during one visit. If you have complex dental concerns as a result of poor oral health and hygiene, consider dental sedation a solution for restoring your smile.

Am I a candidate for dental sedation?

Most patients are considered candidates for conscious sedation. Your dentist will discuss your needs and medical history prior to the use of sedation to ensure a safe and pleasant experience.

How long does dental sedation take to wear off?

Oral conscious sedation can take several hours to completely wear off and it is advised that you not drive, operate machinery or make decisions for 24 hours.

Is sedation covered by my dental insurance?

The cost of dental sedation is typically not covered or only partially covered by dental insurance. Our front desk will work with you to determine any possible benefits and to provide an estimate of your cost.