Do You Suffer From Chronic Jaw Pain?

Do you experience chronic jaw pain? Do you have stiffness, tenderness, or tightness in the muscle near your jaw? Do you experience frequent headaches or fatigue, or do you hear a popping sound when you open your jaw?

Jaw pain should not be ignored, and seeking treatment as soon as possible is recommended. Dr. Tara Levesque-Vogel and Dr. Keith Levesque offer diagnosis and treatment for jaw pain from the comfort of our Nashua, NH, dental office.

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Jaw pain is not caused by any one factor and is treated on a case-by-case basis. Our dentists will conduct a thorough examination of your face, jaw, and neck to determine the cause of your personal jaw pain. There are some common dental concerns to be aware of that may be causing your jaw pain.

Teeth grinding or Bruxism

Clenching or grinding your teeth is also called bruxism. Bruxism can cause stress on the jaw joint and muscle, causing pain or swelling. The repeated motion of scraping your teeth against each other can cause damage not just to your jaw but to your teeth and gums.

Many patients only grind their teeth at night and are unaware that they do it. If you have worn teeth, sensitive teeth, or headaches, you may be grinding or clenching your teeth in your sleep.

Temporomandibular disorder or TMD

TMD is an affliction of the small joint located in front of your ears. This joint works to open and close your mouth. TMD is when the joints do not properly meet causing an imbalance in the bite.

If you have TMD you may experience jaw pain, popping or clicking of the jaw and excessive wear to the teeth.


Gum disease, tooth decay or an abscess could all cause jaw pain. Caused by oral bacteria, tooth decay and gum disease are advanced dental health concerns that should be treated as soon as possible to avoid the need for advanced restorative dental procedures. When the gums or teeth are infected they can create pain in the jaw or mouth.

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To find the root of your jaw pain, and to learn more about how you can manage or treat the discomfort, contact our Nashua dentist office. Levesque Dentistry provides TMJ therapy for the treatment of TMJ-related conditions.

Our dentists also offer a range of cosmetic and restorative dental treatments that can restore damage caused by bruxism, gum disease, or tooth decay.