Sedation Dentistry In Nashua, NH

Sedation dentistry is a safe, effective way to help patients feel relaxed and comfortable during their dental treatment. Sedation dentistry can even be used as a helpful tool for patients who suffer from dental fear and anxiety. Our experienced team of dentists offers a range of sedation dentistry options, including oral sedation.

To decide which sedation method is right for you, our team of dentists will review your health history, your overall health, and other factors. To determine if sedation dentistry is right for you, visit Levesque Dentistry in Nashua, NH.

Sedation Dentistry Nashua NH

Sedation Dentistry

Sedation dentistry can provide a wide range of benefits for patients of all ages.

  • Little to no discomfort or pain
  • Minimize fear and anxiety
  • Allows your dentist work quickly and efficiently
  • Little to no memory of treatment
  • No needles
  • Allows dentist to perform more than one procedure
  • helpful for patients with a strong gag reflex

Due to advancements in dentistry, sedation dentistry can be a safe, effective way to treat patients with dental fear and anxiety. At Levesque Family Dentistry, we offer a sedation option called oral sedation. Oral sedation is taken before your appointment. Patients will need to coordinate a safe ride to and from our Nashua, NH, dental office.

Once the effects of the oral sedation take effect, patients become relaxed but conscious during their treatment. Patients can still respond to their dentist if needed. Most patients have no recollection of their treatment once the effects of oral sedation wear off.

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Don’t let your dental fear or anxiety be the reason you’re not getting the dental treatment you need. Our team of dentists works to provide a safe, comfortable environment for patients of all ages to receive exceptional dental care.

If you have any questions regarding sedation dentistry or you would like to schedule an appointment, contact Levesque Dentistry in Nashua, NH, today.