How To Beat Dental Anxiety


A percentage of patients avoid visiting the dentist because of dental fear and anxiety. At Levesque Dentistry in Nashua, NH, we can work with you to help you overcome your dental anxiety and improve your oral health.

how to beat dental anxiety nashua nh

Dr. Tara Levesque Vogel and Dr. Keith Levesque are highly trained dentist in Nashua, NH. Dr. Levesque Vogel and Dr. Levesque take the time to understand your dental anxiety, assess your oral health, and create a treatment based on your needs. If you are dealing with dental anxiety, we encourage you to visit our Nashua, NH, dental office.

Sedation Dentistry in Nashua, NH

Oral sedation can be used to address patients with dental fear and anxiety. Sedation dentistry can also help patients with strong gag reflux, sore joints, and difficulty getting numb. Our Levesque dentists are trained and experienced in multiple methods of sedation dentistry, including oral sedation.

The Benefits of Sedation Dentistry

  • No needles
  • Oral sedation medication is taken before your visit
  • More affordable, compared to IV sedation
  • Allows the dentist to perform multiple treatments in one visit

Oral Sedation: Oral sedation is administered in pill form. Patients are instructed to take orals sedation shortly before their scheduled dental visit. Patients who have taken oral sedation need to schedule a responsible escort to take them to and from their dental appointment.

Once the oral sedation takes effect, patients will enter a relaxed state. Patients remain conscious during their treatment; some patients even fall asleep during their treatment.

Our team will perform a full comprehensive exam and review your medical history to determine what type of sedation option is best for your needs.

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