Levesque Dentistry Patient Reviews

At Levesque Dentistry, our Nashua, NH dentists offer general, cosmetic, and restorative solutions to patients. If you are looking for a new Nashua dentist to help you take care of your smile, call (603) 547-9203 or schedule an appointment online. Learn what patients have to say about Levesque Dentistry and our team below.

Nashua, NC dentist patient reviews

“My family and I have been patients at Levesque Dentistry for as long as I can remember … at least 25 years! And before that my grandmother was a patient of Dr. Levesque Sr. I am always taken care of the minute I walk into the office. From friendly front desk staff to the doctors themselves who not only take the time to make sure all is well but are genuinely interested in my life outside their office. As a person with *intense* dental visit anxiety, this is a place I truly feel at ease — all thanks to the dental hygienists (thanks to Karen for today and Gina for the many years!) and the doctors. If you’re looking for a place with an established name and history, while staying current with tech, and offerings, mixed with a family feel Levesque Dentistry is the spot.” -B. Plante

“I’m proud to be a patient of Levesque Dentistry. This morning I had my scheduled cleaning and from the moment I walked in the building I felt safe, especially with everything going on with Covid-19. The staff was all wearing proper PPE and they did everything they possibly could do to make my visit the best it could be. And although everyone was wearing a mask we were all smiling!” -J. Russo

“Wonderful experience! The staff was super friendly and welcoming – I loved the family atmosphere. For my first appointment with them, they spent about an hour and a half with me, reviewing my records, asking me about my teeth, examining them, etc. I told the doc I had a nub left on my tooth from when I had Invisalign several years back that was starting to turn color. Without hesitation, he offered to grind it off – with my wedding around the corner, no one wants a miscolored tooth. And it saved me from having to go back to the orthodontist! The dental tech also showed me the correct way to brush with an electric toothbrush and floss and gave me a bunch of information on my 18-month-old. I don’t normally leave reviews but felt compelled after such a great experience. Turns out I wasn’t brushing and flossing correctly – who knew!” -R. Drury