Maintain Your Newly Straight Smile

Crooked teeth can make you feel self-conscious and put your smile in danger of dental concerns like cavities and gum disease. You can straighten your teeth in many instances with Invisalign. These custom-made, clear plastic aligners gradually push your teeth into your desired aligned position.

But you will need to take measures to keep your smile aligned at the end of this treatment. Follow aftercare guidelines from your dentist and attend follow-up appointments as needed to avoid orthodontic relapse or teeth moving and becoming crooked again. Read on to find three tips that can ensure your smile stays straight after Invisalign treatment from your dentist.

Maintain Your Newly Straight Smile

Wear Your Retainers

When you finish Invisalign treatment, your dentist will give you retainers and oral appliances that you wear over your teeth just as you did your Invisalign aligners. These devices hold your teeth in their newly straightened position. Without assistance from retainers, teeth will start to move since fusion into place has not been fully finished yet.

If you skip wearing your retainers for a day or two, you might notice it feels tight. This happens when teeth start to shift and will fade when your teeth move back into their aligned position.

Over time, you might need to wear the retainer less frequently, such as only at bedtime. But you will need to check with your dentist before changing your habits regarding this appliance. Ensure you follow other aftercare advice from your dentist to maximize the benefits following treatment with Invisalign.

Stop Harmful Oral Habits

One common cause of dental misalignment, both before and after Invisalign treatment, is poor oral habits. Biting fingernails or grinding and clenching your teeth will exert pressure on your teeth, pushing them out of their straight position in the mouth.

A dentist can help you stop these harmful behaviors so that you can reduce the risk of orthodontic relapse. They can pinpoint the cause of these habits, like tension or stress, and offer treatment accordingly.

This individualized attention to your oral health provides comprehensive care that keeps your smile healthy while also looking its best. These dental solutions can also prevent other dental issues that might affect the alignment of your smile, including tooth breakage.

Continue Good Oral Hygiene

You likely already know that proper oral hygiene is crucial to keeping your smile looking and feeling its best. But brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing daily, and attending routine teeth cleanings will also preserve your dental alignment. So do not skip this regular at-home dental care.

This regimen removes harmful plaque from your smile before dental issues like tooth decay can develop. These concerns could alter your dental structure, which might also encourage your teeth to shift out of place.

Keep your teeth clean with good oral hygiene to avoid these complications and maintain your newly straight smile after Invisalign treatment. For more preventative dentistry tips, give your dentist in Nashua, NH a call today at 802.424.8517.