How to Care for Your Dentures

Looking for an affordable and flexible way to replace your missing teeth? Ask your dentist about dentures. Whether you want to replace one or a few lost teeth or an entire arch of missing teeth, a dentist can build custom removable dentures with beautiful and durable prosthetic teeth that can restore your smile.

Many people appreciate that they can take these appliances out of their mouths when not needed. But this feature means you will need to take extra care to keep the dentures clean.

Proper maintenance of your dentures ensures that they continue functioning and fitting in your smile for as long as possible. With proper care, your removable dentures can last for five years before requiring replacement. Find advice from your restorative dentist for maintaining your removable dentures by reading on.

How to Care for Your Dentures

Continue Good Oral Hygiene

You know that in order to keep your smile healthy and looking and feeling its best, you must practice good oral hygiene. However, a consistent and thorough oral hygiene regimen will also help you maintain your removable dentures.

Brush your teeth at least twice per day, morning and night, and floss every day for optimal oral cleanliness. These efforts remove harmful plaque and bacteria that will otherwise eat away at your teeth and gums.

If you develop gum disease, cavities, or other dental problems, your mouth can change. Your teeth may shift positions, and gum tissue can swell or recede. This can affect the fit of your dentures, so you should keep your mouth healthy with good oral hygiene to maximize the longevity of your dentures.

Clean Your Dentures Regularly

It is crucial to keep your mouth clean with good oral hygiene. But your dentures will also need proper cleaning if you want them to last for as long as possible. Dentures collect plaque and other residues from being in your mouth as well as your teeth. And these particles will require removal, or they will harm your oral health and deteriorate your appliances.

Brush your dentures once a day in order to remove these harmful residues from the appliance. Use a paste or cleanser that does not feature abrasive ingredients and a soft-bristled brush. These materials ensure you will not scratch or damage the dentures while cleaning them.

Soak Dentures When Not in Use

Many people appreciate that they can remove dentures when not in use, such as during sleep. But when you do not wear your dentures, you still need to take care of them by soaking them in water or a special cleanser.

Otherwise, dentures will dry out in the open air, which will make them lose their shape. Then, the dentures will not fit properly and can hurt your dental structure if you try to force them back in your mouth. If dentures do suffer damage, tell your dentist right away.

So soak your dentures regularly, and make sure to rinse them well before placing them back in your mouth. Avoid hot water for both of these actions because high temperatures may warp the dentures.